adapted for the stage by Michael Simkins from the book by Roger and Charles Mortimer

Directed by Philip Franks
National Tour and Apollo Theatre, West End


Adapted from the Sunday Times Humour Book of the Year, 'Dear Lupin, Letters to a Wayward Son', in which renowned journalist and author Roger Mortimer's brilliantly hilarious, often touching, and always generous letters to his unruly son Charlie are vividly brought to life.

Packed with crisp anecdotes and sharp observations, the trials and tribulations of Charlie Mortimer's youth and adulthood are received by his father Roger with both humour and resignation. Spanning twenty-five years, their correspondence forms a memoir of their relationship, an affectionate portrait of a time gone by. This endearing new stage comedy reveals fresh, previously unknown stories of Charlie's life and his relationship with his father.

Cast included James Fox and Jack Fox

The Guardian
"I was also left wondering how much Mortimer became trapped by his own pose of amused detachment. Philip Franks's agile production answers this by suggesting that Mortimer's upper-class insouciance concealed a real affection for his son."

The Daily Express        
"It is an impressive portfolio of performances. Jack Fox makes a good fist of playing Charlie, with a gauche acting style that fits the role like a glove, while the part allows a proper dialogue between father and son . . "

The Daily Mail        
" . . it also packs an emotional wallop. This is partly down to Philip Franks's direction, swathed in nostalgia for a period that now seems cock-eyed and squiffy . ."