by Terrence Rattigan

Directed by Philip Franks
Chichester Festival Theatre
September / October 2009


"Scene: the dining-room of the Beauregard Private Hotel, near Bournemouth. It is small, rather bare and quite unpretentious."

But Terence Rattigan, expert anatomist of human emotion, soon takes a scalpel to the apparently genteel surface, revealing an endlessly surprising landscape of guilt, hatred and inflamed passion, and a floor littered with broken hearts.

Appearances can be deceiving, and 'Separate Tables' is anything but polite.

Cast included Stephanie Cole, Iain Glen, Gina McKee, Deborah Findlay and Josephine Tewson

Daily Telegraph        
"There are moments here that are as moving as Chekhov and as painful as Strindberg. This show must surely be West End-bound."