by William Shakespeare

Directed by Philip Franks
Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park
July / August 2010


In this merry-go-round of mistaken identity, two sets of estranged twins find themselves unwittingly wandering through the streets of the same town, where the men are jealous, the women are furious and there's a priceless gold chain that everyone wants.

As broken relationships are slowly pieced back together, order is restored and the final reunion is a heart-warming celebration of love and family.

Cast included Christopher Ravenscroft, Anna-Jane Casey, Veronica Roberts, Daniel Weyman and Joseph Kloska

The Daily Mail        
"An uplifting, watchable, strongly musical Comedy of Errors ... an evening of alfresco merriment."

The Times        
"A joyful rendering of Shakespeare's most farcical play."

Mail on Sunday        
"Hilarious ... enchanting ... a glittering success."

The Independent        
"Bard's Farce Goes With a Real Swing."