by Terrence Rattigan

Directed by Philip Franks
Chichester Festival Theatre
July / September 2011


Hester Collyer has fallen obsessively in love with attractive but callow Freddie Page, a younger man incapable of returning the love she feels for him, and has left the security of marriage to a distinguished judge who still desperately wants her back.

With exquisite delicacy, brutal honesty and his trademark empathy, Rattigan anatomises the devastating emotional effects on their relationships.

Cast included Anthony Calf, Amanda Root and John Hopkins.

Mail on Sunday         

The Guardian        
"It's a perennially moving play that justifies Rattigan's reluctance, as a product of his time and class, to resist being labelled a gay dramatist: what really matters is his profound understanding of the wounded heart."

The Telegraph        
"Watching Philip Franks's beautifully judged production of 'The Deep Blue Sea', you are in no doubt that you are in the presence of a masterpiece."

Evening Standard        
"Rattigan's controlled bitterness is unmistakable, though, in a production from Philip Franks that pitches perfectly between playful and unsettling."